Danes of a Different Color

 Our Story...

    I have always had a love for animals.  Since the age of 3, I have been riding horses on our family farm and have had every pet a kid could desire. At the age of 14, my father passed away and my family moved to Florida.  We sold all of our horses and moved in with my grandparents. After a year, I missed our horses so much that I took on a working student position at a horse farm in Ocala, Fla. In 1997, I moved back to New York and started working for a horse trainer out of Brookville, Long Island. After 5 years of traveling from Vermont to Florida, I wanted a more stable lifestyle so I took a job as a Veterinary Technician at Brookville Animal Hospital. I have been working there ever since.
Rescuing pets has always been a passion of mine. In 2004 I adopted a Greyhound named Rita. She was the perfect pet and was a big part of our family. In 2007 I met my husband, Kevin, and it worked out great because he loves animals just as much as I do. We have since bought a home out in Ridge, NY on an acre of property. It's located in the Pine Barons, and is across from acres of woods, trails, and lakes.  
     Our interest in Great Danes came from Kevin's family. He grew up around Great Danes and was very comfortable and familiar with the breed. We decided that adopting, and hopefully rescuing a Great Dane would be good fit for our expanding animal family. We tried to rescue a Dane for about a year but ran into many problems. We could not find a rescue branch in New York and lived outside the home inspection range of other rescue groups. We then shifted our focus and decided to purchase our first pet. After months of research we found a great breeder in Pennsylvania. In September 2008, I drove 12 hours round trip to pick up Gavin, our first male Great Dane. Our breeder's home was wonderful.  I was greeted by all of her friendly dogs and immediately knew this was the right place to buy Gavin. I was thrilled to see her dogs in a healthy, clean, and nurturing environment.  After such a great experience we decided that one Great Dane was just not enough, and when our breeder had another litter, we picked up Olivia, our female Great Dane. Olivia is one of the sweetest girls ever!   
In my line of work, my heart often tells me something and I have to follow it. We performed a c-section on a client’s boxer and one of the white boxer puppies had a bad cleft pallet. The owners were going to humanely euthanize him when my best friend, Rachel and I, looked at each other and realized we couldn't see this puppy go.  I asked the owners to relinquish the puppy to me and they were happy to do so.  Since his cleft pallet is what leads him to us, we thought it only proper to name him Cliff. Cliff was only 9 ounces when he was born and it was going to take a lot of time and energy to save him, but Kevin and I were up for the challenge. We took Cliff everywhere with us in his heated picnic basket, and fed him every 2 hours.   3 months later at 5 lbs, Cliff was big enough to have his surgery. After Cliff's surgery, he grew like a weed and was able to eat with his big brother and sisters. After Cliff turned 2 years old, he fainted in our back yard and we had to rush him to the cardiologist. Cliffy has "Boxer Cardiomyopathy", which is a heart arrhythmia. He is on medicine three times a day and gets annual holter monitor readings, and visits the cardiologist regularly, but he is doing great and causing nothing but chaos.
After Liv and Gavin had their first litter, we decided to keep Travis. Even though our plan was to go in a more "European direction" with our breeding program, we decided to keep him as a pet. After years of research we decided to import a Dane from overseas. The European Great Dane has more mass than our American Danes do and seem to have a more layed back personality, much like their cousin the Mastiff. I had been in contact with both Valentina from Luizador Kennel, and Alberto and Daniela from Del Castello Delle Rocche for many months. We then made our decision to purchase our first import that incorporated both kennels! So in 2012 we purchased Fay from Russia. So far, Fay has been a wonderful addition and we can hardly wait until she has her first litter of puppies!
We want every Great Dane lover to experience the joy of owning one. Olivia, Gavin and Fay come from American and European blood lines and do not show. Being involved with horse shows makes it difficult to show dogs as well. First and foremost our dogs are our pets, and sending them away for periods of time with handlers is not the way we operate. We believe in socializing them through obedience training and they love it. Our Great Danes have brought such joy and fulfillment to our lives and we hope we can help bring the same to yours! All of our puppies are tested for parasites and Giardia, vet checked, first vaccines, dew claws removed, microchiped and come with a two year health guarentee. We like to stay in contact with all of our new puppy families and we are always available for any questions. We love to see pictures of the puppies growing up and with their new families. Even if you don't purchase one of our babies, please do your research  and don’t buy from a pet store.

Last updated on 3/3/15
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